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Scale Computing HE150 Appliance

Smallest HCI Edge Appliance For IT Infrastructure Deployments

Scale Computing HE150 Edge Infrastructure
Scale Computing Products
HE150 Edge Infrastructure
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The HE150 appliance is a small, all-flash, NVMe storage-based compute appliance that delivers all of the simplicity, efficiency, and enterprise-ready virtualization associated with Scale Computing’s HC3 platform. Built specifically for sites that need highly available infrastructure, the HE150 can be deployed almost anywhere, without requiring a rack or server closet. Taking up only the space needed to stack three smartphones, it also includes disaster recovery, high availability clustering, rolling upgrades and integrated data protection. The HE150 is based on the Intel NUC, offering excellent performance to handle a wide range of workloads. The cutting-edge construction and connectivity comes ready for industrial and IoT applications. The extremely small form factor consumes a small amount of power, offers ease of installation and an ability to rapidly add devices that scale up rapidly, along with the reliability needed for edge computing and IoT applications.

Take I.T. emergencies out of the equation:

Scale Computing self-healing technology corrects issues automatically so you can avoid an IT crisis from occurring at just the wrong time. Keep systems up to date, and repair failures as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance cycle.

Reduce your footprint:

Use less data, while cutting major costs. The overall efficiency of HC3 software allows the use of much smaller platforms, while still reserving resources to run workloads for the user. This can provide significant savings when multiplied across hundreds or thousands of edge sites.

Eliminate the need for traditional storage management:

Feel secure with more secure data. The Scale Computing Reliable Independent Block Engine (SCRIBE) combines HC3 storage drives into a single storage pool, requiring zero user administration. Speed up data access while reducing storage overhead. The SCRIBE storage pool is available to all nodes of the system without requiring any file systems, protocols, or VSAs.


Maximum Uptime:

HyperCore technology helps you find and prevent infrastructure problems in real time. Applications are always available, even as hardware problems arise or updates are applied.

One Unified Platform:

HC3 architecture eliminates hardware and software silos, with built-in self-healing, local high-availability, remote disaster recovery, and hybrid cloud capabilities. Customers can add additional resources, without downtime. They can also manage sites individually or centrally, with complete flexibility in how sites are grouped, orchestrated, and monitored. No VMware or additional hypervisor license is required.

Extraordinarily Easy:

As intuitive as a smartphone, the system doesn't require any specialized training, certification, or onsite IT expertise to get started. HC3 systems can be deployed in minutes, with only minimal IT support.

Fantastic Economics:

HC3 offers the industry’s lowest edge acquisition and deployment cost and can reduce ongoing management costs by 60-80%. Monitor one to thousands from a single interface, with a platform that can grow from the smallest edge location to the largest centralized data center, under a single architecture. No virtualization licensing costs required.

Use Cases:

HC3 virtualization infrastructure can be used in a variety of ways but here are some of the most common use cases for our HC3 customers.

Virtualization Without Licensing

With HC3, the hypervisor is included with no additional costs or licensing fees. HC3 customers who had paid VMware licensing fees in the past see the value in becoming free of these extra fees for lower costs and more budget freed up.

Backup and High Availability

HC3 customers see the value of built-in backup and high availability after their legacy solutions had proven ineffective despite being an added cost. With options for offsite and cloud-based DR, HC3 customers have peace of mind that their VMs and data are protected.

Lowering Infrastructure TCO

Our customers have all been looking to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT infrastructure. We have designed HC3 to reduce IT infrastructure costs in almost every way. Many of the hidden costs of IT infrastructure such as unplanned downtime, management, maintenance, training, and consulting are virtually eliminated with HC3. Other solutions that integrate multiple vendor solutions only add complexity which increases costs. We believe HC3 is a better way, and our customers agree.

Edge Computing & Distributed Enterprise

HC3 customers who manage remote sites see the value in HC3 for both ease of use and low entry cost. The ease of use, rapid deployment, self-healing, and remote web-based management capabilities mean that their remote sites can be managed more efficiently and with less cost.

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

The low cost, ease-of-use, and scalability of HC3 make it perfect for VDI infrastructure. Scale Computing has validated our solution with VDI vendors to allow our customers to implement VDI from the SMB to the enterprise.


The HE150 appliances are designed for small-scale data center infrastructure, for edge computing, for remote sites, and for disaster recovery.

CPU: Intel® Core i3-10110U 2C/4T 2.1GHz/4.1GHz, i5-10210U 4C/8T 1.6GHz/4.2GHz, i7-10710U 6C/12T 1.1GHz/4.7GHz
RAM 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Type: DDR4
STORAGE 1 x M.2 NVMe 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Dimensions 1.5” (38mm) H x 4.6” (117MM) W x 4.4” (112mm) D
Power 1 x 90W Power Supply Unit


HE150 Infrastructure


Download the Scale Computing HC3 Product Specs Datasheet (.PDF)

Pricing Notes:

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Scale Computing Products
HE150 Edge Infrastructure
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